How to get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire

“Discover the new ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire and the latest codes legally for this year 2020 and thus equip yourself with the best Skins and weapons of the moment.”

Last year was an excellent year for many video games, including Free Fire . So is! It is the most popular Battle Royale of the moment. If you still don’t know what it’s about, don’t worry! Here we tell you more details.

In Free Fire , the shooter of all time, you will have to face 49 other players on an island . When you fall you will have to run and look for the largest number of provisions, equipment to start a fight of all against all and manage to survive.

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[UPDATED 03-28-2020]

But, only those with special abilities or powerful weapons will be able to reach the end without problems. These weapons, skins, pets, dances, characters, vehicles, backpacks can only be obtained through direct purchase with diamonds (official currency of the game).

How to get free diamonds and codes in Free Fire this 2020

If you are one of those players who are passionate about Free Fire but do not have much money, then you should not miss the opportunity to learn new tricks to get diamonds and also for free this 2020 .

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Tricks to get free diamonds in Free Fire this 2020

Here we will show you some totally legal tricks and new ways to win diamonds in Free Fire for free. And we remind you that soon we will be doing DRAWS of cards from Google Play and PayPal through the platform.

Tricks to get free diamonds and codes in Free Fire this 2020

Daily entry: enter the game concurrently and despite not directly winning some diamonds, you will be awarded with passes to spin the roulette, which is also beneficial since you can get free weapons and skins.

Missions: within the game it is possible to complete some missions and be rewarded with some diamonds.

Level up: thanks to the advances and ranks you have within the game, either (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, heroic) you can earn points and costumes, tokens and more.

Lobby: If you thought that this place was only to put your skills into practice, you’re wrong! Here you can also receive gift tokens from a friend. You will only have to be aware to be able to claim it on time.

Find more information here:

Get diamonds out of the Battle Royale

Youtube channels

Follow some famous youtuber, mainly those professional gaming players, since they are constantly giving season passes , gift codes, suits and weapons to their most loyal fans . They also constantly carry out raffles where you can win some diamonds totally free.


Thanks to Garena Free Fire LATAM

Some of them are:

  • Gamer space
  • Yair17
  • Fchu
  • DarKing
  • NiverBM
  • Colombian
  • Memorandum
  • ChumaDroiid
  • MateoTvGaming
  • Jkiz Games
  • RumberoxD

Weekly diamond and card draws

Here we show you our YOUTUBE CHANNEL that has just started but is conducting weekly DRAWS of DIAMONDS for Free Fire and this time the loot will be for 600 great DIAMONDS so you can get your season pass.

To participate you just have to:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to the channel and activate the bell.
  2. Comment your Free Fire ID, like and SHARE this video.
  3. Like the Facebook fanpage.
  4. Follow the Instagram and you’re done.

It only remains to wait for the video of the channel with the result of the award. Take advantage and enter NOW! (DRAW VALID UNTIL FRIDAY, April 3, 2020).


Freelancer Jobs

In recent days the term freelancer has become very fashionable, it is a kind of remote or long-distance work that you can do from the comfort of your home. A freelancer job allows you to receive payments in foreign currency for performing various tasks.

So if in addition to spending your time on video games, you like design, taking photographs, or writing, translating , we tell you that this type of work is well paid independently or on platforms such as:

  • workana
  • fiverr
  • istockphoto
  • Twago
  • Elance
  • ifreelance
  • twago
  • upwork

This is another good alternative to get real money paid on the platforms of your choice, this money can be used to buy diamonds in Free Fire 100% legally.

Get diamonds with web pages

Every day there are more portals designed in order for the user to earn money, for this you only need to spend a little of your time. Some of them are the following:


This is a website where you can try a multitude of online games , to get it you only need to register on its official page by entering your email or directly from your Facebook account. Once inside the platform you must complete tasks , such as: writing, uploading short videos to YouTube channels, trying video games, surveys, sharing information on networks, among others. All this with the aim of obtaining free gems and prizes . Download Here.

Time to get free diamonds with pages like Gamehag

These prizes can be exchanged for gift cards that you can use to get those diamonds that you want so much in the Battle Royale.

King of prizes

It is a web page that allows you to earn Google Play gift cards through the accumulation of koins . How to do it? you will only have to carry out simple tasks such as: answering surveys, seeing announcements, raffles, referral links …

King of prizes

But that’s not all, if you make a purchase within the platform they will return a large part of the investment in points redeemable for prizes. Join the community for free by registering with your email or facebook account. Download Here.

Get diamonds with third-party apps

The applications for Android and iOS devices are one of the safest ways you can use when getting diamonds to buy weapons, skins, pets, characters and everything you want in Free Fire.

Despite being slow methods, they are one of the safest ways to get real money, paid directly to your PayPal account or translated into gift cards from Google Play, Amazon Cards, Xbox Gift Card, from Play and more.

Get diamonds with third-party apps

Among the activities that you must carry out we have: completing surveys, viewing advertising, watching short videos, giving your opinion about products or services, trying some video games, downloading apps …

As you will see they are activities that will not take you a maximum of 10 minutes a day , so you can do it from anywhere without this interfering in your common tasks. As an advantage you will also have a referral link which will allow you to double your income thanks to your friends or family.

Some of the most popular apps are:

  • LuckyCash

  • MoneyApp

  • Google Opinion Rewards

  • Feature Points

  • Cash Pirate

  • Free Gift Card

  • Tap Cash Rewards

  • Cash App

  • Make money

  • Appdown

Another good option to earn money is the SMS Profit App . Here you can earn real money just by receiving text messages on your cell phone with the Android operating system.

New way to earn diamonds in Free Fire free with SMS Profit apk

That easy! You just have to download the application and keep your device connected to the internet network. Earn and receive payments through your PayPal account and cryptocurrencies (BTC).

Register now with your email and phone number and generate income from the comfort of your home. SMS Profit is a good alternative if you are looking to get a positive balance and legally obtain many DIAMONDS for Free Fire . Download Here.

Get all Free Fire Skins with Lulubox

Recently, an application that simulates all Free Fire costumes was released. Just as you read! Lulubox has become an excellent alternative for those who do not have the patience to get diamonds. This software is responsible for patching the Skins of some of your favorite video games. And we tell you that fortunately Free Fire is on your list of options.

Get all Free Fire Skins with Lulubox

In order to use them it will be necessary to have Free Fire previously installed on your mobile device, we must remember that this version of Lulubox only comes in APK format, so it is only available for Android. What do I have to do to use it?

  1. Download the APK by following this link.
  2. Install and open the main Lulubox screen.
  3. Find the Menu the game you want: in this case click on Free Fire icon
  4. At the top of the game we will find a label “Skins” (keep this option active)
  5. Press “Play” and you’re done.

Go in and start the game as you normally would, however, this time you can go to the Skins store and even though they still come out with prices in diamonds, choose the one you want.

Wait a couple of seconds and your character will automatically have any available costume. Incredible! no? It only remains to go out to battle and feel like a warrior.

Note: Any change and costume you apply will be visible only to you, but no one will be able to see it. Which makes Lulubox a good option to have the season skins free, legal and without problems. Download Here


The Free Fire codes that we present below are the most up to date and 100% legal. Each one has an expiration deadline, so if you want to get one of them try them one by one and win FREE PRIZES.

“This list will be updated every week”



  • BOOYY6XL6QYR MARCH 16, 2020

  • BOOYK4Y9SGLM MARCH 12, 2020 



  • 2020 CUP AMER

  • 2019 SHOW 4RTP


  • ANTX P8HN 9H7E



  • R8T4 L9NH ATUE

  • D3ST RUXX 10N6





  • XCWE 3T62 GES8


  • CHIL 3081 3TYR


To redeem the Garena Free Fire Codes you only have to do the following:

  2. Sign in from your Facebook, Google, VK or Huawei account.
  3. Look for the section ” Redeem your code “.
  4. Enter the code in the three white boxes, distributed 4 by 4.
  5. Press Confirm .
  6. Ready! Your gift will automatically appear in your Lobby collection and if you WIN DIAMONDS / GOLD they will be attributed to your account.

We hope that you have been able to apply some of these tricks to get diamonds and codes in Free Fire , remember that they are 100% legal and guaranteed methods with which you can acquire that costume that you have always wanted and also discover hidden talents that you did not know before. Dare to try one and follow us for more!